Friday, October 12, 2012


While trying to do some work in the studio today I came across some photos hidden away in a drawer (so I wouldn't loose them?).  I thought you might like to have a copy for yourself so I am posting them for you.  The odd thing is that  these folks are actually relatives of mine.  Yes, I am old enough to have parents and in-laws with their own cabinet cards.  You can't imagine how scary that is for me!

Anyway, if you can use these photos in your artwork I would love to see your finished product.  Please send me a note and show me what you can do!

my mother-in-law - around 1913

mother-in-law and her sister - early 1900's

my mother in 1916

my dad in 1918
Here is some artwork I have done using one of these photos and a frame from an old photo album. 

I hope you have enjoyed a tour of my family album.  Now go be creative!

Have a blessed weekend!