Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Designs

A few weeks ago, the momentum to get the creative juices flowing came from a blog post by Carol at The Polka Dot Closet.  She shared with readers her work with paper dolls. I was really impressed by the look she achieved and thought it would be fun to try out a similar idea.

So, that "push to create" was combined with my own passion for vintage dress patterns and my love for the 40's and 50's style of clothing.  I decided to turn them into a sort of paper doll collection for myself.  I have been able to create a number of collages with items from my grab bag of old sewing items.  I also fashioned some note cards along with the collages.

Some are framed and some are ready to be framed.

Notice the Silverman's clothing label.  My friend Barbara gifted me with a couple of rolls of those labels.  Silverman's was a department store here in town back in the "olden" days when I was a child.  Serious nostalgia!

Hope you enjoyed walking with me down memory lane...

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The wonder of it all...

This summer has been probably the hottest and driest of my recollection.  The farmers in our area harvested thousands of acres of stalks with not one ear of corn.  But there are those plants which defy even the hottest and driest weather.  Every year, about the end of August, we are blessed with the most marvelous display of flowers from the Clematis vine that grows on the wall surrounding our patio.  I thought you might enjoy seeing what we have been blessed with this year...

This was the profusion of wild greenery we looked at all summer.  I decided not to trim it to see how wild it would really get.

This was how it looked when it first began to bloom.

This is a closeup of the cute little blossoms.
This was the plant at the peak of blooming.  It looked like what you might expect if it had suddenly snowed.  What you can't see is that it is covered with honey bees and bumblebees.  I didn't stay around long.  They don't like to be disturbed.  It was funny to watch from the patio doors at how territorial some of the bumblebees were.  The butterflies were frequent visitors as well.
Another plant that seemed to defy the heat and lack of rain is our Little Gem Magnolia.  It is a fine small-sized magnolia which blossoms profusely.  

 Hope you enjoyed a little bit of beauty from my house to yours.