Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome to my Homestead Vintage studio.  I'm excited to be participating in the Where Bloggers Create 2012 party hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage.  Thanks so much Karen for all the work in putting this together!

I have recently changed my creative space from a nice sized bedroom upstairs to what used to be the dining room of our home.  As our two little granddaughters are now big enough to stay over the weekend with Grammy and Poppy I needed to make a bedroom suitable for two princesses, so out and down the stairs with all my stuff we went.  We moved the dining room into an unused living room, so that meant that we had at least three rooms upset all at once.  I think it would have been easier if we had just moved!

Anyway, the whole thing is crazy anyway because if you read my profile you saw that I had actually retired from the craft business several years ago.  I was quite happy with life and being a grandmother when someone just happened to tell me about Pinterest and I started pinning.  Oh boy, what absolutely fabulous ideas there are, and the more I pinned the more I said "I can do that" or "I used to do that" and it happened... back in business again.  My husband and I started with Homestead Gallery in 1977 and now we have started phase II with Homestead Vintage.  Things are a little different than they were in '77, crafts are much more sophisticated and this vintage French decor and shabby chic style is a real turn-on!  I just stare at the designs and examples and wonder "can I really do that?"  Anyway, that remains to be seen.

So come on in, get comfortable and make yourself at home....

This is the antique sideboard we purchased in 1976 when we married.  It was the first piece of furniture we bought.  I was thinking how awesome it would be if I painted it.... my husband is not quite on the same page on that one!  I am doubting that it will be painted any time soon.  Anyway, I use it as a platform to take photos for items I put on Etsy and I have it stuffed with craft supplies.  I love to display some of the white china that I collected when we lived in Germany.

I am in the process of collecting fabrics, ribbon and laces all over again.  I gave away so many craft supplies when I closed up shop before and now it starts again.  I love lace, any color, and size any pattern....

I found this most wonderful item at an antique shop. It is a drawer from an old steamer trunk and it makes a fabulous display shelf.  I need items to look at occasionally for inspiration and this works fine.  It is also a tribute to the two mothers, both deceased, who were instrumental in developing any creativity my husband and I may have.  The photo above the angel is my mother when she was a baby and the other photo is my husband's mother when she was a child.  The doll dress looks like it might be a vintage item but when my mother used to make pillowcase dolls she also made the dress.  Several of the jewelry items were given to me by a dear friend.

This is a vignette of the collection on one wall.  The chair that my father made and I recovered is where my husband is invited to sit when he comes in my room to visit.

This vignette sits atop my desk and is a collection of family photos and meaningful items.  The picture on the left is of the two princesses I mentioned earlier! The photo in the center is of my older sister, older brother and me.

I want everyone to take a look at this desk.  Last week it was an ugly brown and with a can of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint it is a thing of beauty! It will probably never look this good again because it will never be this clean again until next year's blog hop...

This is a photo of my work table.  My sweet husband purchased a door from the local
builders supply store and installed a couple of shelves for me.


  I love to store my supplies in the cute photo boxes from Michaels.  I am distracted when I have too much sitting around and, as I don't have a great deal of room, I have to keep things put away and organized. If you'd ask my husband he would say I have more fun organizing than crafting.

My cute little basket of laces.  I think they look great in this wire basket.  I'm hoping it will be inspiring!

 The general supplies get stashed underneath the table out of sight.  I attached the table skirt with Velcro, so when I need to work I can easily remove the skirt and then replace it just as easily.

This is a collage of some of the items I have done and am doing.  I used to make the snowmen and angel tree-toppers several years ago and now I am making snow-ladies.  I have also been painting china for the last couple of years.  You can already see my snow ladies in my Etsy shop. 

I wish my house looked as good everyday as when I am expecting company to come to visit and I feel the same way about my craft room.  It was good to organize and make everything pretty- but don't think for a minute it stays this way! 

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I enjoyed our visit and hope you did, too.  Thank-you to each and every one of you for your friendship and your creativity. 

Have fun blog hopping!




  1. Lovely to meet you Claudia and visit your creative space. Everything is looking lovely and displayed so beautifully.
    I can't believe I have a very similar oak dresser and similar clock to you.
    Wishing you many happy hours there,

  2. What a pretty space! and that hutch is divine (I agree, it would look amazing painted!!)

    Thank you for sharing - Happy creating!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anne. Looks like we are outvoted on the hutch. My son, who never seemed to care about much around the house, said "please don't paint the sideboard, Mom." That settles it. Since it will be his one day I will honor his request.

      Have a super day!


  3. Oh, we have so much in common, browsing through your studio, reminds me of me! I love love it. And Karen Valentine designed my blog as well. I am a new follower and would love to become blogging friends with you. Thanks for the tour. Come say hi and see my treasures!

  4. Your room is beautiful and I love that chair your father made. It sounds to me like crafting is in your soul! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your room is beautiful. It seems very calm, and organized. Mine is a mess right now - so your inspiration goes a long way! Thank you for sharing your crafting space.

  6. Claudia,
    I enjoyed seeing your beautiful creative space. It's just lovely.


  7. Claudia, Your space is so beautiful. I love the antique hutch and I'm sure it is great for taking photos. I'm glad you decided to join the fun and get back into crafting.

  8. Claudia, I loved visiting your studio! It's awesome!! I am so glad you decided to share it with everyone!! I'm drooling over all those spools of lace that you have, and the transformation on the desk is awesome. So much better than brown!!!
    I hope you are having a good time! See you around Blogland!!!

  9. Love your work table and your desk, Claudia! Great storage boxes. Love how neat it all looks and great idea to move into your dining room. Thanks for sharing your space!

  10. You have a beautiful space, Claudia! That old cabinet is gorgeous and the drawer is indeed a wonderful display shelf. I for sure love your lace collection as well.
    Happy creating :-)!

  11. Oh the desk came out is a well organized little slice of heaven......enjoy it!!!!!!!!

  12. Your space is wonderful - & aaaah the lace, and linens.... dreamy. It's so organized & full of great materials! I. Love. It! Would love to have you visit sometime....


  13. I love the antique feel of your creative space. The sideboard is beautiful. Love your steamer trunk inspiration shelf too. Thank you for opening your studio.

  14. Yes, pinterest got me going too! Your space is warm and inviting.... My love of antiques and gently used items came from my grandparents... I love the way your honor your family in your space.... I am going to take a cue from you!

    I will be back to see more of your creations!

    Take care and keep creating!

  15. I have not tried Pinterest yet, I already have so many ideas. I think it is great that you use your rooms in your home in ways that work best for you. Your space looks lik a place to spend much time happily creating. I love the white cabinet you painted with chalk paint. I have a bit of that to do.

  16. What a lovely space! Your sideboard is awesome! Love too, all the vintage goodies!

  17. it was nice to meet you on your tour of your very clean organized studio

    makes me realize mine is in total disaster stage LOL

  18. You have a wonderful sweet place
    Hope you come visit my blog.
    Stay safe and dream.
    Your my new friend

  19. What a beautiful space filled with lovely things!

  20. What a wonderful creative space! I love the way you mounted the drawer from the steamer trunk. I just have mine propped up but I like your way better.


  21. Love your room! It's so sweet and romantic. I'm drooling over all of your lace! Your blog is lovely too and I have become a follower. Thank you for sharing with us!

  22. Claudia, your studio is wonderful! Trinkets and treasure and antiques...Oh my!
    I enjoyed your tour ~

    ❤ ஆєℓєηα
    ɱεɱσŗγ ɓσх ƈŗεąŧïσŋş

  23. What a dream to have this second chance! You have a beautiful studio and do really nice work, I will be checking out your Etsy shop and following along with your blog as well.

    Thanks for inviting us into your studio!

  24. Very lovely space and its so well organized. I like your work table and how you have everything within arms reach. Nicely done and I can see why you would be happy creating in there : )

  25. Good for you getting into crafting again! You look like you are well on your way -- isn't collecting all the stuff fun! :)

  26. What a wonderful studio you have! It's so neat and tidy. I know what you mean about it not always being tidy all the time. I'm the same way. I do my best to tidy up for Karen's WBC party. I'm not participating this year except to visit everyone. Thank you for a lovely tour of your creative space!

  27. Muy bonito todo lo que muestras. Lindo estudio. El mío está lleno de cosas que nada que ver con él porque hay remodelaciones.
    Maru - Chile


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