Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somedays You Never Know...

Some days you just never know what to expect.  Even though you might nothing really special on your calendar book, you need to always expect the unexpected.  You just might be surprised!  

I had a dentist appointment today, which is really not as bad as you might think.  It was just a routine cleaning that went well, plus I have the greatest dentist in the world, but on the way home I stopped at a small used furniture shop that had recently opened.  You just never know what treasures you will find when you least expect them...

 I found these beauties in the store.  Even though they have been used, and you can tell by some minor scuffs and bruises that they have, these pieces were loved by someone.  They are Lady Baltimore brand cases.  I haven't heard of that brand but they certainly are pretty.

There is only a minor discoloration inside on the larger one, but the smaller one doesn't even have that.  They even came with name tags and keys!

These will certainly be put to good use.  Can't you just see these gals full of vintage laces and ribbons? I can use all the extra storage that I can get.

I must keep my eyes on this little store.  I know those of you from outside the state aren't going to just rush over to Louisville, but those of you who live here in town should visit this little shop.  She has primarily second-hand furniture and decor items and I imagine her inventory changes often.  There were several people who were purchasing items while I was there.

Look for "Through the Ages"  Eclectic Furniture and Home Decor at 8304 Preston Highway in Louisville (right next to the Home Depot on Preston).  Her shop number is (502)303-7556.  She doesn't yet have a website but you can "like" her on Facebook.  Look for Kim Wheatley or Through the Ages.

So keep your eyes open... you never know when or where treasures show up!

Happy day to all!


  1. Well, missy... I am your first comment and I'm proud to say that I am! You should jump over to my blog and see what I am seeing when you read my "about me" site. We have a ton in common!!!! From living overseas, to having been married to the same man forever, to purging only to start up again (more about that in a future posting of mine), to decorating!! No grandchildren yet, though! Don't you love how life gives us so many opportunities to make new discoveries on what we want to do in this next phase? So glad to have met you, Claudia!!

  2. It worked...It worked!!!!! OK, now I will go back and amend my post to tell everyone how to do it!!!! Yea !!!! By the way, Lady Baltimore is a Really good vintage suitcase and well known! Oh I am so excited I can comment!!


  3. I can't wait to see what you do with the dress form! Last year I had a dress form ball linky party in February and I plan on making it an annual thing....I hosting one linky party a year is enough linky parties for me LOL. So, there is no rush, but she must come to the dress form ball, why all of the best dress forms will be there!



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