Thursday, July 5, 2012

"A Life Less Cluttered"

Hello to everyone! 

I hope this is working out to be a good week for you and I hope you had a very special 4th of July. We've been pretty busy around here since we spoke last. My husband and I decided that we would rent a booth at our local consignment store. This place is called Consignments Plus and is located at 5622 Bardstown Road in Fern Creek. This is a wonderful shop and I am hoping I do well there. The store is open from 10-6 p.m. daily and have some really great vintage items as well as some new boutique items. Needless to say, I have collected enough stuff in my married life to fill the entire booth space, plus. 

The purpose of this post is to share with you the joy and techniques of de-cluttering my home. It just energizes me to have a tidy and orderly closet, drawer, desk top, everything! I especially enjoy being able to get in and out of the car while it is in the garage! 

If this is something you need to do, please consider this list:

1. Only focus on one room at a time. One thing you don't want is to totally destroy your entire house trying to unclutter. Just take it a little bit at a time, maybe even just one drawer at a time. Before long you can look back and see that you've accomplished quite a bit. 

2. Sort items into piles: keep(and put away), give away to charity, throw away, or perhaps you have enough to stock a consignment booth. A lot of these places now rent spaces on a month-to-month basis. Consider having a yard sale. You were going to give it away anyway so have a sale and make a few coins. 

3. Immediately remove items that are to be thrown away or given away. You'd be amazed how many times things have a way coming back in the house. 

4. Make a list of unfinished projects while you are sorting. I don't know about your spouse but mine is happy to have a written list of expectations. 

5. Talk to other family members about being diligent to keep things put away. If they find there is more free time to do the fun stuff because things are neater they are more likely to help. 

I find if I keep my craft supplies organized in my studio, I have more time to be creative instead of trying to find that tool that I absolutely must have to complete a project. 

Hope this helps. Try to stay cool this week. 

Until next time, Claudia 

P.S. Is it not a grandmother's prerogative to brag about her grandchildren? I think it is. Last month we had a wedding in our family and I have some photos from the reception. Hope you enjoy!

                                                   Our daughter-in-law, Jenny and Loralei



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