Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Our weather has moderated here somewhat... well at least 96 is better than 106 degrees!  We certainly could stand to have some rain though.  I feel sure that most of the country could use a couple of days of gentle rain.  Our farmers are loosing their crops in the fields.  Let's all do a little rain dance!

Anyway, I wanted to show you the completion to a project I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  I blogged about this project two weeks ago and as it sometimes happens I guess, as a new blogger learning her way around the web page, I mistakenly deleted that blog from my page!?  So I will show you where I started and how it looks today...

As you can see the frame and the lithograph are pretty dark and drab.  This is my husbands favorite picture so I wanted to do what I could to dress it up somewhat.

Here it is with a coat of Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White.  It's rather plain and quite light... it now makes the lithograph look dirty.

I decided I needed to tone it down somewhat and that I would give it a little antiquing.  The only paint I had on hand that was the right color was some craft paint.  I used a color, Trail Tan by Delta Ceramcoat, and diluted it with some water so I could easily paint the color into the grooves.  I then wiped off the excess paint with a rag.  

Sorry that the photo is fuzzy.  Not only do I need to improve my blogging skills, I could use a new camera also!

I am calling this project finished for now.  I think it looks better than before but it's not quite what I'm looking for.  I think I will work on it more on another day.

Anyway, my husband is happy with it and that's enough for now.  The photo, Alone at Last,  is a depiction of a newly married couple who finally are alone after all the well-wishers have departed.  She looks beautiful but totally exhausted and he looks so relieved to finally have her in his tender embrace.  Ah, alone at love.

Be sure to check back with me on Saturday.  This weekend is a blog hop in which I am participating.  This is where bloggers who have an interest in arts, crafts, furniture refinishing, all things shabby chic, French country, etc., will visit each others blogs to see the work spaces where all of the fabulous creations are made.  There may be as many as 200 bloggers who will participate.  I encourage you to come and see what's going on.  Click on the "Where Bloggers Create 2012" link on this website to see more about it.

Thanks for listening...  



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  1. I think it looks fabulous!! It's like you can actually see the picture now! That is one great frame!



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