Thursday, July 19, 2012

Somedays You Never Know...

Some days you just never know what to expect.  Even though you might nothing really special on your calendar book, you need to always expect the unexpected.  You just might be surprised!  

I had a dentist appointment today, which is really not as bad as you might think.  It was just a routine cleaning that went well, plus I have the greatest dentist in the world, but on the way home I stopped at a small used furniture shop that had recently opened.  You just never know what treasures you will find when you least expect them...

 I found these beauties in the store.  Even though they have been used, and you can tell by some minor scuffs and bruises that they have, these pieces were loved by someone.  They are Lady Baltimore brand cases.  I haven't heard of that brand but they certainly are pretty.

There is only a minor discoloration inside on the larger one, but the smaller one doesn't even have that.  They even came with name tags and keys!

These will certainly be put to good use.  Can't you just see these gals full of vintage laces and ribbons? I can use all the extra storage that I can get.

I must keep my eyes on this little store.  I know those of you from outside the state aren't going to just rush over to Louisville, but those of you who live here in town should visit this little shop.  She has primarily second-hand furniture and decor items and I imagine her inventory changes often.  There were several people who were purchasing items while I was there.

Look for "Through the Ages"  Eclectic Furniture and Home Decor at 8304 Preston Highway in Louisville (right next to the Home Depot on Preston).  Her shop number is (502)303-7556.  She doesn't yet have a website but you can "like" her on Facebook.  Look for Kim Wheatley or Through the Ages.

So keep your eyes open... you never know when or where treasures show up!

Happy day to all!

Friday, July 13, 2012


Welcome to my Homestead Vintage studio.  I'm excited to be participating in the Where Bloggers Create 2012 party hosted by Karen at My Desert Cottage.  Thanks so much Karen for all the work in putting this together!

I have recently changed my creative space from a nice sized bedroom upstairs to what used to be the dining room of our home.  As our two little granddaughters are now big enough to stay over the weekend with Grammy and Poppy I needed to make a bedroom suitable for two princesses, so out and down the stairs with all my stuff we went.  We moved the dining room into an unused living room, so that meant that we had at least three rooms upset all at once.  I think it would have been easier if we had just moved!

Anyway, the whole thing is crazy anyway because if you read my profile you saw that I had actually retired from the craft business several years ago.  I was quite happy with life and being a grandmother when someone just happened to tell me about Pinterest and I started pinning.  Oh boy, what absolutely fabulous ideas there are, and the more I pinned the more I said "I can do that" or "I used to do that" and it happened... back in business again.  My husband and I started with Homestead Gallery in 1977 and now we have started phase II with Homestead Vintage.  Things are a little different than they were in '77, crafts are much more sophisticated and this vintage French decor and shabby chic style is a real turn-on!  I just stare at the designs and examples and wonder "can I really do that?"  Anyway, that remains to be seen.

So come on in, get comfortable and make yourself at home....

This is the antique sideboard we purchased in 1976 when we married.  It was the first piece of furniture we bought.  I was thinking how awesome it would be if I painted it.... my husband is not quite on the same page on that one!  I am doubting that it will be painted any time soon.  Anyway, I use it as a platform to take photos for items I put on Etsy and I have it stuffed with craft supplies.  I love to display some of the white china that I collected when we lived in Germany.

I am in the process of collecting fabrics, ribbon and laces all over again.  I gave away so many craft supplies when I closed up shop before and now it starts again.  I love lace, any color, and size any pattern....

I found this most wonderful item at an antique shop. It is a drawer from an old steamer trunk and it makes a fabulous display shelf.  I need items to look at occasionally for inspiration and this works fine.  It is also a tribute to the two mothers, both deceased, who were instrumental in developing any creativity my husband and I may have.  The photo above the angel is my mother when she was a baby and the other photo is my husband's mother when she was a child.  The doll dress looks like it might be a vintage item but when my mother used to make pillowcase dolls she also made the dress.  Several of the jewelry items were given to me by a dear friend.

This is a vignette of the collection on one wall.  The chair that my father made and I recovered is where my husband is invited to sit when he comes in my room to visit.

This vignette sits atop my desk and is a collection of family photos and meaningful items.  The picture on the left is of the two princesses I mentioned earlier! The photo in the center is of my older sister, older brother and me.

I want everyone to take a look at this desk.  Last week it was an ugly brown and with a can of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint it is a thing of beauty! It will probably never look this good again because it will never be this clean again until next year's blog hop...

This is a photo of my work table.  My sweet husband purchased a door from the local
builders supply store and installed a couple of shelves for me.


  I love to store my supplies in the cute photo boxes from Michaels.  I am distracted when I have too much sitting around and, as I don't have a great deal of room, I have to keep things put away and organized. If you'd ask my husband he would say I have more fun organizing than crafting.

My cute little basket of laces.  I think they look great in this wire basket.  I'm hoping it will be inspiring!

 The general supplies get stashed underneath the table out of sight.  I attached the table skirt with Velcro, so when I need to work I can easily remove the skirt and then replace it just as easily.

This is a collage of some of the items I have done and am doing.  I used to make the snowmen and angel tree-toppers several years ago and now I am making snow-ladies.  I have also been painting china for the last couple of years.  You can already see my snow ladies in my Etsy shop. 

I wish my house looked as good everyday as when I am expecting company to come to visit and I feel the same way about my craft room.  It was good to organize and make everything pretty- but don't think for a minute it stays this way! 

Thank you so much for stopping by.  I enjoyed our visit and hope you did, too.  Thank-you to each and every one of you for your friendship and your creativity. 

Have fun blog hopping!



Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Wednesday!

Our weather has moderated here somewhat... well at least 96 is better than 106 degrees!  We certainly could stand to have some rain though.  I feel sure that most of the country could use a couple of days of gentle rain.  Our farmers are loosing their crops in the fields.  Let's all do a little rain dance!

Anyway, I wanted to show you the completion to a project I have been working on for a couple of weeks.  I blogged about this project two weeks ago and as it sometimes happens I guess, as a new blogger learning her way around the web page, I mistakenly deleted that blog from my page!?  So I will show you where I started and how it looks today...

As you can see the frame and the lithograph are pretty dark and drab.  This is my husbands favorite picture so I wanted to do what I could to dress it up somewhat.

Here it is with a coat of Annie Sloan's chalk paint in Old White.  It's rather plain and quite light... it now makes the lithograph look dirty.

I decided I needed to tone it down somewhat and that I would give it a little antiquing.  The only paint I had on hand that was the right color was some craft paint.  I used a color, Trail Tan by Delta Ceramcoat, and diluted it with some water so I could easily paint the color into the grooves.  I then wiped off the excess paint with a rag.  

Sorry that the photo is fuzzy.  Not only do I need to improve my blogging skills, I could use a new camera also!

I am calling this project finished for now.  I think it looks better than before but it's not quite what I'm looking for.  I think I will work on it more on another day.

Anyway, my husband is happy with it and that's enough for now.  The photo, Alone at Last,  is a depiction of a newly married couple who finally are alone after all the well-wishers have departed.  She looks beautiful but totally exhausted and he looks so relieved to finally have her in his tender embrace.  Ah, alone at love.

Be sure to check back with me on Saturday.  This weekend is a blog hop in which I am participating.  This is where bloggers who have an interest in arts, crafts, furniture refinishing, all things shabby chic, French country, etc., will visit each others blogs to see the work spaces where all of the fabulous creations are made.  There may be as many as 200 bloggers who will participate.  I encourage you to come and see what's going on.  Click on the "Where Bloggers Create 2012" link on this website to see more about it.

Thanks for listening...  



Thursday, July 5, 2012

"A Life Less Cluttered"

Hello to everyone! 

I hope this is working out to be a good week for you and I hope you had a very special 4th of July. We've been pretty busy around here since we spoke last. My husband and I decided that we would rent a booth at our local consignment store. This place is called Consignments Plus and is located at 5622 Bardstown Road in Fern Creek. This is a wonderful shop and I am hoping I do well there. The store is open from 10-6 p.m. daily and have some really great vintage items as well as some new boutique items. Needless to say, I have collected enough stuff in my married life to fill the entire booth space, plus. 

The purpose of this post is to share with you the joy and techniques of de-cluttering my home. It just energizes me to have a tidy and orderly closet, drawer, desk top, everything! I especially enjoy being able to get in and out of the car while it is in the garage! 

If this is something you need to do, please consider this list:

1. Only focus on one room at a time. One thing you don't want is to totally destroy your entire house trying to unclutter. Just take it a little bit at a time, maybe even just one drawer at a time. Before long you can look back and see that you've accomplished quite a bit. 

2. Sort items into piles: keep(and put away), give away to charity, throw away, or perhaps you have enough to stock a consignment booth. A lot of these places now rent spaces on a month-to-month basis. Consider having a yard sale. You were going to give it away anyway so have a sale and make a few coins. 

3. Immediately remove items that are to be thrown away or given away. You'd be amazed how many times things have a way coming back in the house. 

4. Make a list of unfinished projects while you are sorting. I don't know about your spouse but mine is happy to have a written list of expectations. 

5. Talk to other family members about being diligent to keep things put away. If they find there is more free time to do the fun stuff because things are neater they are more likely to help. 

I find if I keep my craft supplies organized in my studio, I have more time to be creative instead of trying to find that tool that I absolutely must have to complete a project. 

Hope this helps. Try to stay cool this week. 

Until next time, Claudia 

P.S. Is it not a grandmother's prerogative to brag about her grandchildren? I think it is. Last month we had a wedding in our family and I have some photos from the reception. Hope you enjoy!

                                                   Our daughter-in-law, Jenny and Loralei